How to troubleshoot “Offer Does Not Exist” warning?

September 12, 2023

Reading time: 3 minutes

Solving the Product ID Mismatch

Have you recently come across the dreaded “Offer does not exist” warning while using the Flowboost Labelizer script for Google Ads?

This warning has emerged as a common stumbling block for some of our users.

But worry not – we have rolled out an update in v3.1 that effectively tackles this issue.

Today, we’ll shed light on the problem, our solution, and how it ultimately empowers you to continue running the script without hiccups.

The Problem: Case of Mismatched Product IDs

The root of the “Offer does not exist” warning is a discrepancy in the product IDs retrieved from Google Ads.

Interestingly, some of the users had product IDs with mixed cases.

When these IDs didn’t align with those from the Merchant Center, the warning popped up.

Our Solution: Creating a Reliable ID Verification Process

To rectify this issue, we took a step back and modified our approach.

Instead of drawing product IDs from Google Ads, we decided to retrieve all product IDs directly from the Merchant Center.

We then employed a lookup formula to match the product IDs from both sources, effectively resolving the mismatch.

Please note that we are continuously working to further improve this solution, taking your user experience to the next level.

Impact: Run the Script with Confidence

Our solution translates to a smoother operation of the Flowboost Labelizer script for everyone.

This update allows you to analyze product performance and create campaign segmentation with more confidence and less hassle.

In case you’re new to the Flowboost Labelizer, here’s a quick recap: the script lets you set up your ROAS/CPA targets, average conversion rate, impression thresholds, and a date range.

Based on this data, products are categorized into one of five sections: Index, Over-index, Near-index, Under-index, or No-index.

This organization provides an easy-to-understand overview of your product performance, aiding you in making data-driven decisions.

Final Thoughts: Your Success Is Our Priority

We’re passionate about empowering our users to achieve their digital marketing goals through the Flowboost Labelizer.

We believe that each problem presents a learning opportunity, and the “Offer does not exist” warning was no different.

By listening to your feedback and refining our solutions, we strive to create an experience that’s not only functional but also intuitive and user-friendly.

We welcome you to give v3.1 a try and share your experiences with us. Remember, every hurdle we cross together makes us – and the script – better equipped to handle the challenges that lie ahead.

Happy labeling!

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