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The farm landscape where I grew up was my first playground for discovery and creativity. From Lego to web design and computer science, I was always driven by my urge to learn new things and come up with creative solutions.

This passion led me to my current role as a Google Ads specialist, where I use the knowledge I've gained to help businesses and marketers achieve their online marketing goals.

arjan schoorl giving a workshop at ppcmastery meetup

From curious child to Google Ads specialist

Imagine a young twenty-something turning the digital marketing world upside down with Google Ads. That's precisely who I am: Arjan Schoorl, the youngest senior Google Ads Specialist in the Netherlands. At just 21 years old, I have already achieved impressive results for my clients, allowing me to work with more than 50 companies in three years. And the most striking thing? My first client is still working with me!

My life as a Google Ads specialist began on a farm in the Netherlands, where I was born in January 2002. The endless open space to play and explore sparked my curiosity and eventually led me to the world of digital marketing.

My journey began after getting my high school diploma, when I decided to start my web design company and study computer science in Leiden. Although I achieved good results, I felt something was missing. I quit my studies, focused completely on my business and started taking online courses on web design, Google Ads and marketing. This choice was crucial because it made me realize that studying Commercial Economics was a perfect fit for my ambition.

Nowadays, I combine my work as a freelancer with my studies. I have discovered that the combination of working and learning works ideally for me. The urge to learn new things and face challenges is the common thread in my life. It gives me energy and inspires me to find solutions to complex problems.

For my first client, a furniture company, I got to manage the Google Ads account. Although this was a big responsibility, above all, it was tremendous fun. I was so excited about the work that I decided to specialize in Google Ads and rename my company to Hollands Online.

Now my daily work consists of finding marketing solutions and entrepreneurship. Every day, I get to help companies grow by setting up effective campaigns. It's challenging and rewarding work, and I can't imagine doing anything else.

This is how I, Arjan Schoorl, started as a curious child on a farm and grew into the youngest senior Google Ads Specialist in the Netherlands.

My mission

I am on a mission to transparently and skillfully perform the best Google Ads work for businesses. I do this by sharing my knowledge on LinkedIn, resources, audits and coaching. I am committed to your business and provide the attention you deserve.

My vision

I use my passions and strengths to support others, focusing on areas close to my heart. I believe I can make the biggest difference when I work from my personal affinities and understanding.

Read what clients say about me

Super nice collaboration I had with Arjan for my webshop. He knows a lot about online marketing and he applied his knowledge/experience at FlexMatras. Definitely recommend him!

Profile picture of Sahin Koycu
Sahin Koycu
Owner of FlexMatras

Without a doubt someone with a bright future. is still new but the reactions are already positive. Will continue to support you where needed.

Profile picture of Henri Verbeek
Henri Verbeek
Owner of nr1elektrischestep

Good company from an enthusiastic young entrepreneur! Thinks well and suggests good ideas. Always nice and good contact and almost always reachable!

Profile picture of Henk van Ommen
Henk van Ommen
Owner of
Meubelmakerij van Ommen

During our collaboration I got to know Arjan as an intelligent quiet guy, who is patient and focused. He has a lot of knowledge of Google Ads and Google Shopping and is well informed about the latest developments in e-commerce. He asks critical questions and brings the necessary structure. In this way he knows how to guide his clients step by step to a better result.

Profile picture of Erik Brendon de Vries
Erik Brendon de Vries
Online marketeer at Brendon Performance Marketing

We have been working together for Kippenvilla for over year now. Arjan manages our Google Ads campaigns to help optimize them and thus improve conversion rates. He is always there for us with his quick communication and skills to come up with strategies and solutions. We are happy that we have outsourced the ads to him.

Profile picture of Albertine Piels
Albertine Piels
Owner of Kippenvilla

Arjan clearly knows what he is talking about, can answer all questions well and all notes / preparation are clear and clearly structured. The coaching sessions definitely helped to improve the ROAS of a number of accounts considerably :). Highly recommended!

Profile picture of Marnix Vos
Marnix Vos
Online marketeer
at Vos Marketing

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