About Hollands Online

ASIT was the name of my company when I started doing business. As I began to specialize more in Google Ads, I realized I needed a new identity. I chose a name that better reflected my services and the value I offered. Thus, ASIT became Hollands Online.

The picture you see on the right is from a few years ago, when I had just changed my name. The difference is there, but the enthusiasm, passion and dedication you see in that picture have remained the same.

Arjan Schoorl, in 2020 working at a desk

How I got here

In recent years, I have learned that a brand is not just about promoting a company name or services. It is also important to create your own brand, to present yourself as an authority, as someone with unique experiences, knowledge and insights. Thanks to these insights, I decided to start marketing myself more as an individual, and less as Hollands Online.

Hollands Online has not become unimportant. It is still my company name with which I express my passion for Google Ads, the way I use my expertise to help businesses grow. But I realized that my clients and followers were more interested in my personality, my way of thinking, my values and my motivation.

Future of Hollands Online

The digital landscape is dynamic and always changing. For Hollands online, this is no exception. Going forward, I will continue to evolve in order to increasingly meet the growing and changing needs of businesses and consumers. With a focus on innovation and adaptability, Hollands online will continue to grow and evolve while maintaining its strong Dutch identity. From improving digital marketing strategies to embracing emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, I am ready to embrace the future and lead the way in digital transformation.

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